Thursday, May 24, 2007

Birdies is the "glue" in my kitty family!

Marley has been a part of our family for a week and a half and this is the very first photo I've been able to get of the three of the kitties together! And wouldn't you know it ... it's by the slider where the older boys are teaching baby Marley how to "hunt"! They were catching the birdies for an early evening feeding, and all three were okay being in close proximatley. Pooh, my oldest boy and the least pleased that we have a baby, seems to finally be accepting that Marley isn't a temporary visitor. I have faith that all three will be friends someday ... hopefully soon!

Baby kitty in the "big boy bed"!

Baby Marley wants to do everything that his big brothers do! He jumps into their beds and where his brothers take up the whole space, Kitten Little only takes up a fraction of the bed! It's so adorable! Mommy is trying to capture all of these precious moments before they're gone and he's full-sized like his great older brothers.

Monday, May 21, 2007

A new sheriff in town!

After a year of Sugar being THE baby, and acting all kitten ... Mommie rocked his world and brought home a NEW baby! What's this?!? Sugar has to transition from crazy kitten to big brother role model in an instant?!? Well, he's taken VERY well to this transition and he's a very fun and affectionate big bro! Although this was one of the first photos taken of them together, baby Marley is not AT ALL afraid of big bro Sugar and follows him everywhere - it's quite cute!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ah, the life of kitten royalty!

Sugar technically isn't a "kitten" anymore, as he celebrated his first birthday March 1st, but you can't convince him of this. He's still as fun, curious and playful as the day he came home! If I scratch an itch under the covers in bed, I'm garunteed to get a POUNCE on that spot! He has certaintaly taken to the kitty hammock, though, much to his big brother's chagrin. When his big brother, Pooh, is in the hammock, he'll get under it and BITE Poohie's butt! This always seems to work for Sugar, though ... to take control of the hammock once again. Yawn ... good night!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I am a flirt and I can't help it!

Sugar baby is SUCH a flirt! He'll sit by the sliding glass door leading to the deck and flirt with the many (!!!) squirrels that come up to steal the bird food. He'll roll around, make cute little sounds and pat the glass. I wonder what he would do, though, if the door was actually open?!?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Domestication times ten!

Ahhh, only the life of luxury for this feline! With a snow/ice storm going on outside the window, Sugar finds a cozy place in the kitty hammock to watch the snow fall. When he ventured out onto the deck later in the day, he found that he's not all that fond of snow and maybe he should have stayed in the hammock!


Saturday, January 20, 2007

I just *KNEW* this day would finally come!

So, on a cold and windy Saturday afternoon, I realize that I haven't heard anything for over an hour. No pattering tootsies up & down the stairs, no cat toys hitting the wall, no hissing. I walk around the corner into the living room and what do I see?!? TWO kitties sleeping on the couch ... TOGETHER! TWO of them! Oh, a mother's dream - for them to be friends! After nearly a year of 10 year old Poohie having to endure flying kitten attacks, causing hissing which never had an effect, I now find them taking a nap together! My heart melted and I hoped that they were sleepy enough to ignore me walking away to grab the camera!

Holiday napper ...

Although Christmas is long gone now, it brought with it numerous photo opportunities! Sugar enjoyed his Christmas bells, and was even able to nap with them on. I may have to drag the Christmas bells out more than just at the holidays from now on!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Now the candy cane is LUNCH!

Soon after Sugar realized that he had a new toy, it quickly became a snack! He uses his paws and teeth on everything, the new peppermint flavored toy being no different! When he broke through the plastic wrapper, I was sure he would dump the candy cane onto the floor, running away trying to get the minty taste out of his mouth (it's not a salmon or tuna flavored treat, after all!). No such luck! He probably would have eaten the candy had I let him - he really enjoyed it!

Tha candy cane is MINE now!

When sleeping beauty awoke from his little nap, he realized he was sleeping on a NEW TOY! Where did THIS come from?!? Mommie tried to take it back, but Sugar slammed his paw down on it ... mine! Mine! Mine!!

Christmas Eve napping ... sweet dreams!

Oh, darn! I already sent my Christmas cards out before I took this adorable photo of my baby! He was SO tired after jumping on my rolled out wrapping paper, making off with my bows, and taking ornaments off the tree that he didn't even notice that I slipped a candy cane under his hear before taking these photos! What a cutie!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fighting the bells ...

Ok, so maybe I stretched the truth a bit when I said that Sugar LOVED the bells! I did catch him in a moment where he was fighting to get them off his neck, and while this may not be the most flattering photo I've ever taken of him ... I still laugh!

Christmas with cats!

Christmas with cats is always a fun time. Each night when I return home from work and see that I still have a Christmas tree in the upright position is a good day! Even a spoiled kitty such as Sugar still thinks that the ornaments are new toys that I surely had to hang there for his entertainment. I dug out Poohie's Christmas Bells from last year and put them onto Sugar last week, and surprisingly, he LOVED them! He ran around like he was the cutest thing since ... well, himself! He sprinted all over the house just to make the bells jingle. He's the most entertainment I could ever ask for!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

New Home, New Habits

Kitties are so funny. In my old house, this bed wasn't touched. I felt as if it was hated, in fact. No kitty would sleep in it. I didn't know where to put it in my new house, or if I should put it out at all since I feared it would just be ignored. Well, one day I passed by the bed and it looked as if there was more black fur than normal inside the bed, and Sugar's big brother Pooh was asleep in the bed! I was amazed. Then the other day, since Sugar needs to do everything that Pooh does, he was also hanging out in the formerly hated bed. He's growing up (too fast!), but he still looks little in this big kitty bed.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's MY turn to control the remote!

Sugar must have gotten sick of watching "Project Runway" because he seized the remote from me and kept his paw on it for awhile. When I tried to get it from him, he'd "smack" my hand playfully. He was posing for the camera when I was taking photos of the house I'm moving from, so I can remember how beautiful this place is. I hope Sugar (and his big brother Pooh) will enjoy the new house they are moving to soon.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Mommie's little baby ...

This is one of those pictures that's not totally in focus, it's not going to win any photography awards and doesn't tell a story ... to anyone but me. Sugar loves to make eye contact and with his expressive face, he's always talking to his Mommie. He's always ready for the next game, for the next toy to be tossed across the room or for Mommie to flip him over and rub his tummy. Sugar is Mommie's little buddy.

Kitten crazies!

Sugar is a complicated combination of extreme playfulness and extreme affection. As soon as he's picked up, he's purring like a freight train, but the second you put him down and he spots a toy - he's off like a mad kitty after it! Mommie captured that "Mad Kitty" expression in this photo.

I hope they'll be friends ... someday ...

But for now, Mommie has one VERY energetic kitten and one mostly patient older brother. Once Sugar's kitten energy calms down, I'm hoping that scenes like this aren't a daily occurrence in my house! Mommie's so surprised to see what Big Brother Pooh puts up with, though!!

When a kitty needs to sleep ...

My little energetic kitten crashes HARD when he needs a power nap. It doesn'tmatter if he's in his kitten bed or half onto the carpet. It's all soft, right?

Who does't love a nice soaking tub?

At a very early age, Sugar found the soaking tub and turned it into his own personal playground. I will throw his toys into the tub and he'll put them into his mouth and save them from their fate. He'll jump out of the tub with the toy in his mouth and hide it in the bedroom. More recently, he's found the "old" loofa sponge which was dropped into the tub when it was replaced with a new one, and he loves to bat it around the soaking tub.